Best Apps for Mental Health

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Want to be happier, less stressed out, and think clearer but don’t have the time or budget to do much of anything about it? Let us introduce you to some apps that were created to promote mental health and wellness.

Voted Apple’s “App of the Year” in 2017, Calm is free and appeals to beginner and intermediate levels of meditation. The app promotes improved sleep, reduced anxiety, and increased feelings of happiness by focusing on meditation, breathing, sleep, and relaxation. Calm includes meditation, breathing programs, music, and nature sounds that relax the mind and body to promote better sleep.

At the cost of $3.99, Moodnotes is an app that helps to capture feelings and improve thinking habits through a thought journal and mood diary. This platform enables users to track their moods and help them to realize the things that influence their moods. The app will provide suggestions to escape thinking traps or patterns in mood influencers to reduce stress. For instance, if you notice that running late for work has a large and negative impact on your mood by keeping a mood diary, then Moodnotes will offer helpful suggestions to nip your negative feelings in the bud with a new perspective.

Mood path:
If you have chosen a therapist or feel like you are on the road to choosing one, then the free Moodpath app could be the right fit to point you in a good direction. The app asks you a series of questions to assess your mood over the course of two weeks then generates an electronic document that you can share and discuss with a professional, or Moodpath has a bank of videos that discuss a variety of topics that are likely applicable to your needs.

If stress and anxiety are your enemies, then free app Pacifica may strike an interest with you. With a toolbox full of coping techniques for anxiety and stress and a supportive community of like-minded individuals, Pacifica helps move you through the trouble to the other side. The app also holds audio lessons and activities that help you to cope with stress and depression and even sets daily challenges to help you tackle anxiety and reach your goals.

Do you like to play games on your phone? Download SuperBetter for free and play away. The games are designed to promote positive thinking, strength, and optimism to face and overcome challenges. A study showed that people who played SuperBetter for 30 days consecutively had improved mood and overall outlook.