Breast Cancer Awareness: Tips for the Best Breast Health

There are a lot of different recommendations and unreplicated studies that talk about what to avoid and what to focus on for your cancer risk. Sometimes it’s important to go over the most assured, best ways you can work on maximizing your health. While none of these is a surprise, here are the tried and true three best ways to keep your breasts healthy and reduce your risk of cancer (according to the CDC).

Exercise Consistently and (Sometimes) Vigorously

Physical activity is one of the three primary ways you can reduce your risk. Staying physically active at least three times a week and avoiding obesity are two significant ways you can reduce your risk of breast cancer. The CDC recommends around 150 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic exercise and 75 minutes of intense aerobic exercise. Moderate intensity can be as easy as going for a morning walk, while intense activity could be fast walking, bicycling, or heavy yardwork/gardening.  

Maintain A Healthy Diet

While there is another article today about how to eat right to reduce your risk of breast cancer, the general rule is to eat more fruits and vegetables and eat less red meat and unhealthy fat. Processed foods can also increase your risk while eating healthy fats from a Mediterranean style diet can substantially improve your overall healthiness as well as reduce your breast cancer risk.

Reduce Your Alcohol Intake

Even moderate drinking can increase your risk of breast cancer. In some studies, drinking three alcoholic beverages in one week increased the risk of developing breast cancer by 15%. Even worse, the risk goes up by 10% for each additional drink per week. Reducing your alcohol intake can make a major impact on your risk, especially if you are in the danger zone above 3 drinks a week.