Canadian Observance – National Injury Prevention Day, July 5th


Parachute is a Canadian charitable organization that is dedicated to preventing injuries and saving lives.  Parachute is launching National Injury Prevention Day to shine a light on largely predictable and preventable injuries.  Their website states, “Our goal is to help save more lives through education, knowledge and empowerment.  Injury is the number one killer of Canadians aged 1-44, where one child dies every nine hours.”

According to Parachute, injuries cause 16,000 deaths, 3.5 million emergency room visits, and cost $26.8 billion annually.  43 Canadians die every day from injuries.  Children die most from crashes and are hospitalized most from falls; Seniors die and are hospitalized most from falls as well.  Parachute states, “the loss of life is equivalent to a jumbo jet crashing every 10 days.”  The top 3 causes of unintentional injury-related deaths and hospitalizations are transport incidents, falls, and drowning, with fire/burns and unintentional poisoning following close behind.

The reason Parachute is trying to draw so much attention to preventable injuries is because most people think of getting injured as an accident, or an act of fate; most injuries don’t have to happen and can be prevented.  Examples of preventable injuries include falls, motor vehicle crashes, fires, poisoning, and drowning.

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