Finding a Schedule that Works For You

Getting ready for the Fall, your family may be adjusting to a new school or work schedule, whether you’re learning and working at home, going back into the classroom part-time, or going into an essential job. How do you make a family schedule that keeps stress at a minimum and gives you more time together? Here are a few suggestions to get started.

Plan Around the Essentials

When work and school dominate our thoughts, sometimes the important things go by the wayside. As life gets stressful, nutrition and sleep can often get overlooked.  When you prioritize these important parts of a healthy routine, you actually help your entire outlook! When looking at your schedule, avoid cutting into your time for sleep or skimping on your windows to make healthy meals for you and your family.  

Focus on What Brings You Joy

As you begin the Fall semester with your family, take a look at what activities you’re committed to outside of what you need to do for work and school. Do these activities truly bring you joy and fulfillment, or are you participating in them from a sense of obligation? Just like you wouldn’t want to force one of your kids to participate in an extracurricular sport they don’t want to play, stay aware of how your own activities make you feel. Even something like running a social group can sometimes turn into an unhealthy use of your time. Prioritize the activities that boost your energy and mood. 

Write It Down

Journaling can be a helpful way to get a grasp of your family’s schedule. Write down your family’s activities over the course of a week or two. It doesn’t have to be in great detail, just enough to jog your memory of what you were up to during each day. You may be surprised how much you actually do get done in one day! Use this to come up with a plan for a family routine going forward.