How To Prepare For A 5k

Statistically, most people sign up for 5k races at the beginning of the year and struggle to follow through. If you need help going from a couch potato to 5k runner, this article is for you!


Step 1: Sign Up For A Fitness App for 5ks

Sign up for an app designed to help you go from a couch potato to a 5k runner. One great example is the free “Couch To 5K” app, which will lay out exactly what your running distance should be. While it might start with a simple 20-minute fast walk, every day it will get a little bit longer. As time goes on, you start to be more and more in shape. By the end of it, you’ll be physically ready for that 5k!

Step 2: Make Sure Your Diet Is Good For Running

It’s not all about running! You have to make sure your diet is one that works well for running. Instead of trying to lay off the carbs, focus on avoiding processed sugars and junk food. The key is to make sure your body is getting enough of the good kind of fuel for your new running habit. That way when your app finally has you running 3 miles, your body isn’t unprepared.

Step 3: Have The Right Equipment And You’re Ready!

It might mean getting some running shoes, but it will be worth it in the long run. Normal tennis shoes might work for the beginning, but eventually, the consistent running is going to increase the strain on your feet. Eventually, you’ll need to replace them. Consider also getting athletic socks to go with them, to ensure the fit is right.


If you stick with your fitness app of choice and your new diet, you can be ready for a 5k run in no time!  Well, in 9 weeks anyway.