Importance of Good Posture


Take a second to think about how you’re sitting right now.  It probably isn’t with a good posture.  Most of us tend to slouch back in our seats, or slump over our keyboards; even when we’re walking, most of us don’t have good posture.  Overtime bad posture can lead to all sorts of physical issues, such as back and neck pain, and it can even affect your balance.  Below are some ways that having good posture can improve your life.

Good posture can help project a more confident image.  Take a closer look at the people you look up to and respect; they probably stand tall and have good posture.  People who stand up straight are often thought of as more confident, whereas people who slump over are thought to be less confident.  Having good posture and projecting more confidence can lead to more actual self-confidence the more you do it.  Standing up straight can also make you look slimmer and younger, because the front of your body is smoother instead of bunched up.  You might even find that your clothes hang better!

All this can lead to you having a better frame of mind because you can trick yourself into thinking you’re happier.  People who are happy, excited, or feeling on top of things tend to stand up straighter, while people who are sad or unhappy tend to sit and stand slumped over.  Standing up straight and breathing deeply can calm you down and clear your mind, leading you into a better frame of mind.

Proper posture leads to proper positioning of your spine and proper functioning of your organs, which can make breathing become easier.  Your body has probably gotten used to being in a slouched position, so at first it might actually seem more difficult to breath, but the more you sit up straight, the more your muscles will get used to the new position and come to think of it as natural.

Your muscles will also work more effectively, leading to you using less energy and being less fatigued.  This can also help you have less abnormal wear on your spine and joints, as they’ll be in correct alignment.  Keep in mind that improper posture has been known to lead to changes in the curve of your spine over time, which can be difficult to fix, and can lead to constricted blood vessels and nerves.

Another physical benefit of good posture is that it improves your circulation and digestion.  In a slouched position, your internal organs get compressed, which can interfere with how your digestive tract is supposed to work.  Improper posture has even been thought of as a contributing factor to problems such as acid reflux, constipation, and hernias.

Good posture isn’t that difficult to achieve either.  It doesn’t have to be rigid and tensed up like a soldier standing at attention.  It might take some effort at first if you’ve been slouching for a long time, but ultimately your proper posture should feel relaxed.  Many people try to overcompensate for their rounded shoulders by pulling their shoulders too far back and drawing their shoulders blades together.  This causes your muscles to tense up, and your muscles should be doing as little work as possible.

For tips on how to achieve your proper posture visit  Next time you find yourself slumped over your keyboard, or with rounded shoulders as you’re walking, practice having proper posture.  Your body will thank you!