Life Lessons We Learn From Team Sports

For this Wellness Highlight, we’re looking at the long term benefits we experience from participating in team sports. Even after we’ve hung up our high school football jerseys or stored the soccer cleats, there are lessons that will help us for the rest of our lives. Here are just a few. 

Persistence Pays Off

The common saying might be that “practice makes perfect.” However, seeking perfection might not be as important as staying persistent in your goals, whether they are to improve your football throw in high school, or finish a tough project at your job. Team sports show us that when we work hard at our practices and games, we see marked improvements over time. 

You Don’t Win on Your Own

It goes without saying that sports teach you how to work in a team. As we learn the game, we also learn how your teammates can support us, and how we can do the same for them. Sports teach another element of teamwork, too. It teaches us how to celebrate our successes together. It’s an important lesson in our adult lives to understand that each person on a team contributes to the overall win.

It’s Ok to Fail

Sports can give us moments of extreme pride, but they teach humility in a few ways, too. One moment that is common for everyone who’s played a sport is the experience of losing their first game. This can feel crushing, especially if you’re young or new to the activity. It’s a key point in time for any beginner because we get the chance to stand back up and try again. Once we overcome that first loss, we gain confidence going forward.