Maintaining a Safe Workplace Starts with You

National Safety Month

Safety is a key feature of any corporation around the world. Having employees leave at the end of a work shift in the same or better condition than when they arrived is the highest priority for executive officers and overseers alike, but the office is not only on the boss’ shoulders. It is the responsibility of everyone to recognize and mediate safety hazards and to do that it is imperative to be aware of surroundings, self, and equipment.

Whether a forklift driver or an administrative assistant, it is important to pay attention to the workplace. If the equipment has fallen in the path of a forklift, it must be moved or taken care of to avoid any unnecessary accidents in a warehouse. The same applies on an office floor. If office supplies have fallen to the ground, they need to be picked up to avoid tripping. Some of these examples may seem trivial, but any small accident can turn into a big one. Be mindful of surroundings and keep everything as safe and free from potential incidents as possible.

Taking note of yourself is equally important to watch your surroundings. It is important to take regular breaks to stay at your best. If you have a job that requires you to be on the computer a lot, make sure you take regular eye strain breaks, and if you are a delivery driver make sure you get enough rest before the day starts and do whatever you need to do on your lunch break to continue the day safely. Simply keep yourself in check and make sure you are performing at your best because most job-related injuries occur when employees have gotten tired and are no longer alert to what is going on around them.

Another leading cause of injury in the workplace is taking shortcuts. Everyone has tools available to them at work in order to successfully do their jobs, and those tools should be used for their intended purposes. Using scaffolding or a chair as a ladder to reach something is not the right way to use either of those tools. Take the extra step to find an actual ladder or step ladder to serve the purpose they were invented for. Every tool was created for a specific purpose and should be used for that intended purpose.

Remember that you have the responsibility to uphold safety in the workplace as much as any other employee. If you witness unsafe practices, remediate them or tell someone who can. Every employee goes to work to be able to provide for themselves and the people they love. It is important to make sure each person makes it home at the end of a shift in the same condition they arrived in that morning.