Making Your Work Welcoming for Safe Workplace Month

Many workplaces pride themselves on making a team that feels like family, and Nutrien is no different. As natural as it can feel to love your family, it takes more effort in a workplace to create that team dynamic. There are many benefits to creating a nurturing work environment, like better coworker relationships, higher retention rates of workers, and getting more done as a team. It can even make your workplace even safer, as fewer distractions and stress can lower jobsite injuries and accidents. 

The effort it takes to work seamlessly together to make a positive, encouraging environment pays off. There are quite a few simple things you can do to foster a welcoming workplace atmosphere, and make a positive impact on everyone around you.

Make expectations clear with training and communication

A warm welcome starts at the very beginning of a person’s time in any workplace. Start them off on the right foot by being clear about your expectations and communicating often. This can be done with thorough training and regular check-ins as people get used to the team environment. When people know what to do in any situation, they feel more confident and at ease.

Ask for feedback regularly

Open communication is an important part of a functioning, healthy team. It doesn’t always come naturally, though. Coworkers and leaders should get the opinions of those around them regularly, so it becomes a habit to be honest and share their thoughts. If someone shares negative feedback about something you’ve done, don’t take it personally or punish them. Thank them for sharing their thoughts, and work together on a solution that works for both of you. 

Make Respect the Norm

When you’ve worked alongside people for years, you often get as close to them as your best friends. While friends can often get under each other’s skin, there should always be a high level of respect. Among colleagues in a work environment, you should strive for the same standard. Don’t tease or belittle other coworkers, instead, praise them for their hard work and talents as you work together on projects and goals. Recognize team members when they go out of their way to help you. Don’t demand more of a colleague than you’d be willing to do, yourself. And if a coworker shares that your behavior has ever impacted them in a negative way, listen and apologize. Then, work as a team to improve your relationships together.