National Recovery Month: 6 Ways To Support National Recovery Month

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Each September, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) asks the nation to observe National Recovery Month increase awareness and understanding of mental illness and addictions, as well as celebrate people in recovery from these conditions.

1) Find Your Local Treatment Center And Spread Awareness

Look up where your local treatment center is, and help spread awareness. It might not seem like much, but helping spread the location to friends and family could make the difference between suffering alone and seeking help. Resources and assistance can only be useful if people know about them. 

2) Learn More About How You Can Help Someone Dealing With Addiction

Research the best ways to talk to someone with an addiction. With all of the misconceptions about addiction, there are a lot of very important dos and don’ts to consider. After all, it’s better to know what the best practices are and not use them than to need them and not know them.

3) Donate To A Treatment Center Or Nonprofit Organization

From research to hotlines, every aspect of our approach to addiction treatments costs money. Keeping these options affordable and accessible to everyone in need is a crucial part of helping those suffering from addiction. Only by all of us working together can we hope to overcome addiction for good.

4) Share The Hotline Number With Friends, Coworkers, And Family

With 24/7 hotlines always ready to take a call, sharing it could help someone choose to make the first step. Being able to talk to someone about addiction treatment options may be the push they need to get help. And sharing the number is a free way to help out, so what do you have to lose?

5) Attend An Event

For this entire month, organizations across America will be holding events celebrating recovery and increasing awareness of addiction. Attending these events is a free, fun way to spend a day and can positively impact your community. Just being there can support the idea that recovery from addiction is a community accomplishment, and no one does it alone.

6) Volunteer At A Treatment Center Or Organization That Supports Recovery

Every organization could use a hand, but for treatment centers and nonprofits, it’s doubly true. The more people who volunteer, the easier it is for treatment centers to offer help. With enough support, they can open new locations, increase hours, and offer more help to people who desperately need it.