National Volunteer Week

In the garden. Nice pleasant strong man holding a spade and digging in the garden while planting a tree

Many decades ago in 1974, National Volunteer Week was established, and the week has seen consistent growth since its inception. The hope is to ignite a movement within communities to uplift and shed light on the people and the causes that inspire others to serve as they are able.


During National Volunteer Week, which is April 7 – 13, 2019, it is possible to attend or even plan a special event in your own community to celebrate and inspire service. If looking to make an impact within your own household, workplace, or extracurriculars, take it upon yourself to organize some family volunteer shifts, speak to the boss about using the lunch hour as a time for you and fellow employees to volunteer, or group the Tuesday afternoon yoga class together to support a local cause. Volunteerism knows no bounds.


Other than showing communities how to volunteer, National Volunteer Week highlights individuals who are making huge is of impacts on local and national levels. An organization developed by President George H.W. Bush in 1990 called Points of Light makes putting these volunteer superstars in the limelight a little easier. Points of Light is an organization founded on inspiring people to take action that will change the world. President Bush took note of the government’s limited ability to make the same kind of broad impact that the individuals in the world can make when they step up and help others around them. The Points of Light website showcases daily stories about the nominated individuals who make a difference in our world through their volunteerism, and you can nominate someone who you think is deserving here.


The best way to make a difference is to choose a cause or organization whose mission you believe in. If you have a connection to the work that you are helping to do through volunteering, then your happiness and satisfaction will leak over into the work and into others around you. Make an impact by taking part in and using National Volunteer Week as the Kickstarter to get you going.