Nutrien Employee Volunteer Program

Happy community service people cleaning up the park and Planting Tree In Park

As an employee of Nutrien, you have many opportunities to make an impact on the growth and sustainability of the earth, and recently a new opportunity to impact the lives of the people living on the earth has emerged with the Nutrien Corporation. The newly appointed Employee Volunteer Program is affording employees the ability to feed the future through service to others.

Qualified employees are permitted to use approved working hours to support the company mission of Growing our World from the Ground Up by volunteering with a charity or non-profit organizations on behalf of Nutrien, if they so choose. In fact, it is preferable to serve through volunteerism as a group of many Nutrien employees at once rather than an individual.

Approval from a supervisor must be granted prior to signing up for a volunteer opportunity, but once approval is granted at work, you can lead the volunteer directive through contact with your chosen organization. To recruit fellow employees to join you, start with your work friend group and spread the word verbally. It is possible to use community bulletin boards to share information about volunteer days but checks the rules for your facility first.

Though volunteering is not mandatory, it is highly encouraged through the new initiative that aims at having employees to volunteer during working hours on behalf of Nutrien. One working day in the calendar year may be used for the purpose of volunteering, and wearing company logos and taking pictures during volunteer hours is highly encouraged as well.

Here is a checklist to help you get started:

Before the Event

• Pick a charity or non-profit to volunteer with and identify where they could use help
• Request a Volunteer Day from your supervisor

If it is approved, continue.
We recommend one employee takes the lead on these tasks:

• Work with your chosen charity to plan the event. Think about the date, time, location, number of people required, tasks you’ll be doing, equipment needed, relevant safety procedures, meals or snacks, and how you’re getting to and from the site.
• Recruit fellow employees. Start with your team and work friends. Use company bulletin boards to explain Volunteer Day. If you need help recruiting more than 10 volunteers, please contact
* At this time, company-wide and site-wide emails should be limited. Formal software will be launched in 2019 to help communicate volunteer opportunities.
• Create an Outlook calendar invite for confirmed employee volunteers.
• Fill out necessary Nutrien waivers (photo release and risk waiver). Your charity partner will likely have waivers you need to complete as well.
• Order Volunteer t-shirts from the Nutrien store:
• Arrange employee transportation.
• Make sure you have all the required supplies like work boots, gloves, and sunscreen.
• Order meals, snacks, and beverages.

At the Event
You are the face of Nutrien. As we work together to build stronger communities, please be respectful.
• Take photographs. We love when you share pictures of you living our Purpose and supporting our communities!
• Ask your fellow employee volunteers what they think of the event and if they’d be willing to share feedback and/or a testimonial. It helps make our program better and could inspire fellow employees to get involved.

After the Event
• Report your volunteer time within your timekeeping system.
• Send photographs and at least one testimonial to