Observing Public Health Awareness Week in Our Everyday Life

During the month of April, the healthcare industry celebrates Public Health Awareness Week. This year’s awareness week is scheduled April 6-12, and it seems like there’s never been a brighter spotlight on public health. 

With the recent spread of COVID-19 through hundreds of countries, the importance of our public health system is being showcased. The lessons featured by Public Health Awareness Week have been top-of-mind in our everyday life as we are all challenged to do our parts to prevent the spread of illness, too.

Each day of Public Health Awareness Week is dedicated to a certain theme. These themes are about more than how to avoid getting sick; they are areas of focus that show us how to live a full and healthy life. Here are some ideas on how to observe your own Public Health Awareness Week at home. 

Monday, April 6 – Mental Health

Do a deep-breathing exercise to ease anxiety and stress. 

Tuesday, April 7 – Maternal and Child Health

Check-in with parents you know to see if they need anything for their household. 

Wednesday, April 8 – Violence Prevention

The American Public Health Association says that violence increases in communities that are disconnected. To counteract this trend, find a way to reach out to your neighbors, whether it’s a sidewalk art project or a free library. 

Thursday, April 9 – Environmental Health

Set up a recycling station in your home to sort your household waste. Look into your local recycling programs for guidelines. 

Friday, April 10 – Education

Send an encouraging note to a teacher you know.

Saturday, April 11 – Healthy Housing

Donate canned goods and other needed items to a homeless shelter.

Sunday, April 12 – Economics

Set up a family budget that includes a plan to build your savings.