Safety Check! It’s National Farm Safety & Health Week

Heads up to our Nutrien Family who are farmers and agricultural workers – It’s National Farm Safety & Health Week! When was the last time you did a safety check in your work environment? Here are some quick checks you can do to make sure you’re staying safe as you work the farm.

Get to know your equipment again

You might know your heavy machinery through and through, but when was the last time you flipped through the owner’s manual? Even if you haven’t needed to repair your equipment in a while, it’s good to periodically look over their safety features and make sure you remember how to enable them in an emergency. 

Survey for Confined Spaces on Your Farm

According to OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration based in the US, there are many risks associated with confined spaces in farming equipment that could be fatal. These are often bulk liquid storage tanks, wells and cisterns, feed storage, and other large equipment that maintenance workers may need to enter in order to service. It’s important to be aware of possible risks associated with maintaining these structures, such as asphyxiation, entrapment, falls, and other accidents. Do a survey of your farm for these hazards for your own safety check. Read more about possible hazards here. 

Look for Electrical Hazards

It takes a lot of work to run a farm, and just as much energy! This means that there are often electrical wires running to outbuildings and machinery, which can get damaged throughout the year. Take some time to look for any possible electrical hazards that need to be addressed on your farm. Check power switches on your equipment to make sure they can be shut off quickly in an emergency. Look for low-hanging wires or wires that are on the ground that might get caught in wheels or stepped on. When you are moving large equipment, be aware of power lines that might be too low to pass under. 

Take Care of Your Most Valuable Asset: YOU!

Even if you keep all your equipment and buildings in top shape, you have to remember to take care of the most important part of the farm: the farmer! Farming is hard work, so it’s important that you stay healthy and safe. Get plenty of rest and eat a balanced diet to keep your body healthy. Stay hydrated as you work, and brush up on your CPR and First Aid in case of emergencies. You keep the farm running, so take care of yourself, first! 


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