Spring Cleaning Tips To Deep Clean Your House

Some quick tips to help you in your endeavor to deep clean your house!


Clean Room by Room

The best way to start is to completely clean a room and then move on to the next, rather than completing a single chore through the entire house. This will help keep you organized and will ensure that the highest priority rooms can be completely done before moving on to the next one. As an added bonus, completing an entire room can be much more gratifying than slightly cleaning the entire house.

Start High Then Move Down

While the floors might be the most pressing matter, always start cleaning the highest objects first, then finish by cleaning up the floor. This will help keep gravity from moving dirt onto your clean areas, ruining the work you’ve already done. You should, of course, start by organizing and picking up, but for the actual cleaning always start at the highest point of each room.

Designate A Place For Items To Donate

Before you start cleaning, find a good spot to collect all the items you would like to donate. By starting with a spot, you can make sure you set aside everything you’d like to donate instead of the much more tempting option of saving to donate later. This can help keep your house much more clutter-free at the end of your spring cleaning than it would be!

Make a List and Schedule It!

It might seem like a good idea to try and hit everything that needs to be done in a single weekend, but you want to avoid burnout along the way. List out everything that needs to be done, and spread it out over a longer period of time! This can help you not rush through time-consuming chores, and helps make sure you aren’t pushing yourself too hard.

Don’t Forget About Your Air!

Checking and replacing your air vents can help keep your house in a much cleaner and healthier state than you might think! Your vents are filtering out the dirt and dust that can sometimes make you sick if you leave it too long. Stay healthy and make sure your filters are working at their best level!