Tips on How to Start a Physical Health Group at Work


We all know how important our physical health is, and many people have different methods of managing their health, however most of those methods take place outside of the workplace.  Since most people spend 40 hours or more per week at their workplace, it makes sense to also implement some type of physical health regimen at work as well, especially in offices where employees sit down for most of the work day.  Starting a group to help coworkers manage their physical health can be a fun way to not only manage your health, but connect with your coworkers as well.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Create different challenges where everyone does things, such as keeping track of how many steps they took during the day, and have some sort of reward at the end of every work week for the winner.
  • Find a place close to your job, such as a park or a trail, where your group can go on walks/jogs together.
  • Form a sports team and join a local league.
  • Try to partner with a local gym for activities with your coworkers.
  • Form a yoga class with your coworkers.
  • If you have a decent area outside, keep some baseballs, soccer balls or footballs on hand for people to throw around in their downtime.
  • Hold a scavenger hunt around your workplace for everyone to participate in.
  • Have meetings outside while walking instead of inside the office.

Be sure to ask your coworkers for ideas as well!  The more people you get involved, the more fun it will be!