Web and Mobile Apps That Encourage Good Vision Practices

In the world we live in, there are screens in our faces all the time. Computers, phones, and tablets are used at work and school in addition to entertainment-based functions that we commonly associate them with. All of this screen time is becoming a problem for good vision. With the emission of blue light, screens are causing sleep and rest issues for some, and the constant screen focus is causing dry eyes and eye strain, which carries headaches and sore eyes with it. Luckily, all of this technology produces good things too, and these apps can be used to help reduce the lack of sleep due to blue light and eye strain from staring at screens all day.


App One: Awareness

The Awareness app is good for Mac and Windows.

This app allows you to set the amount of time you want to work uninterrupted followed by the amount of time you would like to be on a break. When you hear the Tibetan Singing Bowl, you know it is break time. The app even monitors your screen activity during the break to make sure you are really taking the time to rest your eyes. It will not lock you out of your screen if you’re trying to finish up one last thing before breaking, though.


App Two: ProtectYourVision

The ProtectYourVision app is good for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari

If the Awareness app piqued your interest, but you don’t trust yourself to really take a break, then you should consider ProtectYourVision. Like Awareness, you are able to set your break and work times, but the difference is the break period. You will hear a beep signaling the break, but your screen will blackout forcing you to stop and rest those eyes. ProtectYourVision even suggests eye exercises to do during the break period. If it is an absolute emergency that you continue working, though, you can choose to skip the break, and your screen will come out of blackout mode.


App Three: F.lux

The F.lux app is good for Mac, Windows, Linux, and iPhone

The F.lux app is different from the last two apps in that it monitors the blue light being emitted from your device. The glow of your screen is changed according to the time of day to help decrease the blue light as the day goes on, which means your brain is ready to sleep at bedtime rather than being up and ready to go from blue light emissions.


App Four: Twilight

The Twilight app is good for Android

Twilight is the Android version of the F.lux app. If you have an Android device but still want access to the technology that lowers blue light emissions throughout the day, then check out Twilight and get some rest.