Winter Is Coming: Preparing Your Home and Life for the Cold

Your car won’t start, you’re wrapped in three sweaters, and all you want is to warm up. Sound familiar? If so, this article is for you. We discuss how to prepare your home and life for the cold, making winter the idealized cozy by the fire rather than shivering in bed.

Home Inspection 

Prior to winter hitting, it’s recommended to arrange a home inspection. This will allow an expert the opportunity to assess the energy value of your home while making suggestions to further improve the warmth and efficiency during the winter months.

It’s also worth purchasing insulation for the bottom of your doors with gaps, extra blankets for cold nights, and standalone electric radiators if your house is prone to freezing temperatures. Ensuring you have these before winter hits will set you up rather well, failure to do so, however, may just result in one of the coldest and longest nights of your life.

Keeping Warm

It’s no secret that we need to wear more clothing and warm weather gear during the winter months to keep warm. However, there are a few pieces of clothing you should definitely not go without – especially if you have children.

Gloves are a must, especially for the little ones. Invest in a couple of pairs and a woolly hat, ensuring these are worn before leaving the house. Secondly, a warm winter jacket and pullover are great additions to maintaining heat – especially once the temperatures drop and the snowball fights begin. Finally, after a cold, wet, or even snowy day, ensure to remove damp and cold clothing immediately once indoors, this will prevent you from getting cold.

Tip: Directly after coming inside, place damp gear such as gloves, hats, and jackets on radiators to keep them dry and ready for use.

Pets & animals 

If you usually keep your pets outside, now may be the time to make them a bed indoors. Whether this is in a separate room, the living room, or if you let them roam free, ensure they have a warm and comfortable space to sleep and get cozy – they feel the cold too!

Keep Your Vehicles In Check

If it’s been a while since your vehicle has been taken in for maintenance, now’s the time to take into a garage and get it serviced prior to winter hitting. It may be worth switching to snow tires (if this is an option), as well as keeping a shovel on board at all times, a scraper, and plenty of antifreeze.

Preparing your home and life for the cold weather is essential to staying warm and keeping up with your regular routines. Ensure to arrange a home inspection, invest in any warm homely items such as electric heaters and draft excluders, keep wrapped up, make a warm and cozy bed inside for any pets, and finally ensure your vehicle is fully serviced and ready for the cold months to follow.