World Cancer Day is February 4th

There are not many people in the world who have not been impacted by some form of cancer in a direct or indirect way. Whether being personally diagnosed or having someone close be diagnosed, cancer is something that harms its inhabitants physically, spiritually, and emotionally. The impact is widespread, and that is why there is a day dedicated each year to raising awareness and giving a voice to take action and press governments to do more about cancer.

World Cancer Day is held on February 4th annually as a way for all of the world to come together as one voice for change. The theme in 2019 and through 2021 is “I Am, and I Will”, which means that you as an individual have the power to reduce the negative impacts of cancer for yourself, your loved ones, and ultimately the world. By holding yourself responsible and accountable for change, you are changing the world.

To take part in the mission of World Cancer Day, use your voice to spread the word about your experience, direct or indirect, with cancer. Your story matters and can help someone else going through the same struggle you may have already faced. Making a donation is also an option, and World Cancer Day is recognized as a registered charity. World Cancer Day also has a color scheme of blue and orange that you could use as your way of sparking conversations. Wear the colors together or as standalone wardrobe pieces and let people know that the color you are wearing is important and explain why.

World Cancer Day is your time to take part in a cause that is bigger than any individual, but with each individual taking steps to make an impact, the world will experience change. Let’s all take time out of our day to make our individual impacts and be a part of a global cause.