We are committed to utilizing innovative and effective means to engage and inspire our employees and their families to adopt and sustain healthy living practices.John Horne, Director- Safety & Health
We believe that a positive attitude to health and safety extends beyond our gates and so provide Employee Family Assistance Programs, alternative work schedules where feasible, fitness centers at some locations and educational sessions on a variety of wellness issues.
Your body hears everything your mind says. Stay positive.
Health is the soul that animates all the enjoyments of life, which fade and are tasteless without it.
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Small Changes That Make A Big Impact

The new year brings about hope for change and improvement. Many people resolve to do things differently or start something new, but the majority of people who make New Year’s Resolutions ultimately fall off the wagon. Making dynamic changes is oftentimes difficult to stick with long-term, but making small changes and turning them into…


Organize Your Home Day

The holidays have ended, and reality is setting back in. With all of the running around and entertaining during the holiday season, your home is bound to need a little attention. Organize Your Home Day was implemented to help you stop making excuses and get started on getting your home back in order, so…


Bell Let’s Talk Day

For just under a decade, Bell has been contributing to a cause that started as something new and not very popular in Canada – mental illness. The organization, which provides phone and internet service to Canadian citizens, opened up the conversation about mental illness and the stigmas associated with it to find that the…


The Benefit of Art for Kids

Many of us remember doing art projects at school and taking them home to display on the refrigerator or in some other prominent position around the house after being praised for a job well done by parents and caretakers. What we did not realize at the time was that working on those projects benefited…


Women in the Workplace

Careers and job opportunities for both men and women have changed tremendously over time. From the availability and variety of jobs to the secondary education efforts available to do those jobs, recent generations have seen doors open to a world of seemingly endless opportunities, and women have made especially large leaps in recent decades….

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Cardio vs. Strength Training & Their Benefits

The start of a new year means many New Year’s resolutions of getting fit and being healthy. One question many run into when researching how to be more productive in the gym is what types of workouts and exercises should be done. There are two main types of exercise, cardio and strength training.  …


It’s Okay To Not Be Okay

Mental health is one of those topics that many find hard to talk about. However, the startling reality is that mental health issues have become much more prevalent in this day and age. It has been reported that 1 in 5 adults in the United States has a mental health condition and that number…


Inside Out Lasagna

The winter months are cold for many parts of the world. Snow and wind can chill you to the bone and cause you to crave many different types of heat sources. Scarves and gloves, heaters, and the indoors are common avenues sought for warmth, but food can warm you from the inside out. This…


A Guide to Common Annual Doctor’s Appointments

A common New Year’s resolution is to get yourself and your family more organized. Maybe that means finally cleaning out the attic, organizing your personal file system, or creating a more orderly way to pay your bills. Whatever it is, striving to become more organized in the coming year is a goal that every…


How to Keep Kids Safe Online

Kids these days are growing up in a different age. Their world is filled with things many of us could not have dreamed of at their age. While it is an exciting time to be a child and grow up in a world full of technology, it is important for parents to be involved,…